FACE3TS S.A. is a consulting company specializing in issues of energy, environment and climate, in particular, the complex interdependence and interaction of these issues under the influence of technological advances and the demands of sustainability.
Founded in 2006 by a team of engineers, scientists and economists, FACE3TS brings to bear long experience and broad networking capabilities in the energy and environmental sectors. Often in leadership roles, our team members have designed and executed or participated in projects in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Environmental foot-printing, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Systems Application
  • Renewable Energy Sources Development, Conservation and Rational Use of Energy
  • Assessment of Environmental, Weather and Climate Change Risks to Enterprises and Society
  • Emissions Trading, CDM and JI Project Development
  • Forecasting of Energy Supply, Electrical Generation & Demand and Energy Planning
At FACE3TS, we strive to be purposefully multifaceted and diversified, and remain attuned to the constant shifts within the energy and environment sectors. The participation of FACE3TS team members in research projects, their attendance in conferences and workshops, and their full involvement in international negotiations and committees enables us to provide our customers with a perspective that is at once both broad and detailed, taking into full consideration the latest scientific results and international developments, as well as the local lay of the land.