Conservation and Rational Use of Energy

In the field of Energy Conservation and Rational Energy Use, FACE3TS provides:

  • Energy audits in large buildings of the public and private sector. Assessment of basic energy use in buildings. Systems for data collection and recording of energy use. Identification of main problems with respect to energy management, proposals for their solution.
  • Assessment of energy consumption and use in industrial facilities. Comparison with the performance of similar units in Europe and elsewhere. Identification of problems and proposal of appropriate correction measures.
  • Technical support to Municipalities for activities related to energy conservation. Assessment of municipal buildings and heating-cooling installations with respect to their energy efficiency. On the basis of the results obtained and in collaboration with the municipality’s personnel and end-users, identification, ranking and design of measures for energy conservation and rational energy use.

In each case, FACE3TS uses technical experts and permanent collaborators, as well as a number of suitable decision support tools and standard methodologies. FACE3TS can also provide consulting services during the implementation of actions-measures for energy conservation and rational energy use.

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