Energy Generation and Demand Projections and Energy Planning

In the field of projections, FACE3TS provides the following services and products:

  • Short-term prediction of electricity and power demand. Development of tools and provision of forecasting services on operational basis to administrators of electrical networks and to energy supply and trade companies.
  • Long-term projections of energy scenarios and emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Integrated services related to energy planning (assessment of impacts from the application of economic or/and regulatory policies, assessment of large infrastructure works in the energy sector, projection of air emissions, assessment of the efficiency of policies for emissions reduction etc.), at local, regional and national level, through the use of appropriate energy models.
  • Systems for decision support and assessment of investments in the energy sector, under conditions of uncertainty created as a result of changes in international fuel prices, meteorological conditions, frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, etc.
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