Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

In the field of exploitation and development of RES projects, FACE3TS provides:

  • Consulting services to investors for RES projects. These include feasibility studies, proposal preparation for induction of investments in subsidy schemes, licensing application requirements, monitoring of the licensing application progress, assistance in financing applications, support during the procurement and realization phases of RES investments, development and application of decision support systems for specific technical issues (e.g. siting of facilities, portfolio allocation etc.)
  • Short-term (48-72 hrs) prediction of energy production from wind and PV parks. Wind and solar energy prospecting and lifetime prediction of energy production from individual or groups of wind and PV farms using suitable statistical and meteorological models.
  • Consulting services related to the integration of RES into the energy system. These include assessment of impacts on the security and stability of the electrical network from the integration of RES facilities, projection of the evolution of energy demand and of the conditions of the market into which RES will be introduced, pricing issues related to energy production from RES, etc.
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