Environmental foot-printing, Environmental impact assessment and Environmental management systems application and CSR Reporting

Despite the difficult economic conditions world-wide, the environmental dimension remains a vital aspect of the normal operation and planning of the majority of enterprises. For every company that wants to meet its regulatory requirements, to inventory and report and to reduce its environmental footprint and thus to contribute to climate change mitigation and finally to manage its operations in an environmentally effective way, FACE3TS can provide a suitable mix of services, that may include:

  • Assistance in identifying sources, estimating amounts and reporting company operations direct and indirect environmental footprint, at product or enterprise level
  • Assistance in compiling annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
  • Assistance in applying for certification from international disclosure systems such as GRI, FT4Good, CDI etc.
  • Calculation of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and emissions of air pollutants from a broad range of activities and sectors (energy, industrial activities, agriculture, waste management), on the basis of appropriate calculation methodologies.
  • Offsetting GHG emission allowances
  • Environmental impact assessment reports
  • Development and application of air emissions dispersion models
  • Development and application of EMAS and ISO14001 systems at an enterprise or installation level
  • Assessment of environmental benefits from the implementation of Best Available Techniques (BAT) in industry
  • Formulation of Action Plans for the reduction of air emissions on national, regional or local level

FACE3TS proposes measures and actions which are best suited to the type and the activities of each particular company utilizing appropriate decision support methodologies and tools.

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