GHG Emissions Trading, CDM and JI projects

FACE3TS provides consulting services to companies are in the scope of the EU Emissions Trading Directive or wish to register projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Joint Implementation (JI) schemes of the Kyoto Protocol. In that respect FACE3TS can provide:

  • Overall assessment of the markets for emission credits in relation to the costumers’ needs
  • Purchase and surrender of GHG emission allowances/credits
  • Calculation and reporting of GHG emissions from installations falling under the scope of the EU Emissions Trading Directive, following the rules of the respective Monitoring Guidelines.
  • Scoping studies and due diligence of proposed CDM and JI projects
  • Preparation and compilation of the Project Design Document (PDD) according to the CDM and JI rules.
  • Verification of emission reductions from the registered project activity, as well as overall support of investors during the phases of validation and verification.
  • Calculation and reporting of emissions reductions achieved from the project’s operation and support for CDM and JI Project Management.
  • Support in finding buyers for Certified Emission Reductions (CER) or Emission Reduction Units (ERU) generated from the CDM or JI project respectively.
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