Provision of support for climate change impacts for the preparation of Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plans

Costumer’s Request

All Administrative NUTS2 Regions in Greece are required by EU and national regulation to develop plans for adaptation to climate change. The plans had to identify the vulnerability and risk by location and activity sector from the changes in climate in the next decades under different scenarios, specify monitoring

mechanics, propose policies and measures to adapt and investigate sources for funding to finance short and medium term projects.

Our Solution

For three of the 13 NUTS2 Regions in Greece, our team worked with the local authorities to collect all the necessary information of physical, social, economic and technical parameters that define the current status, activity and capacity of the regions. It developed methodologies for the determination of vulnerability of all 16 NACE-II economic activity sectors, the infrastructure, cultural heritage, health services, education facilities, and administrative staff.

It further collected and processed all projections of climatic parameters in the 2020-2050 and 2070-2100 periods to estimate the changes in each region in enough spatial resolution to compute risk for each projected parameter such as extreme heat waves and cold spells, rain/snowfall, flooding. Utilizing this wealth of information, we carried out a prioritization of all sectors and subregions for the design of adaptation policies and measures. These finding were presented to the authorities and the general public in a number of public events to secure ownership by the administration and wide acceptance by the public.

With inputs from the consultation process a catalogue of policies and measures including specific projects was compiled and now forms the basis for the detailed action plans of these Regions for the next seven-year EU funding period.

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